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Rebecca McLean, Certified Life and Health Coach

Awarded VIP Woman of the Year for Health and Wellness 2010 - 2011 by the National Association of Professional Women (NAPW)

Rebecca McLean has worked in the health care industry since 1974, originally in occupational therapy. She then branched out to develop and implement wellness programming for schools and corporations as well as multidisciplinary medical programming for hospitals and medical practices. Rebecca co-founded Health Action Clinic in 1983, with a team of health care practitioners, consultants and trainers in integrative and complementary medicine.

Rebecca is the developer of the Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching Process™ and the author of the Coach Training Manual and Participant Guide Book with Dr. Roger Jahnke. She is the key trainer in the Circle of Life national certification program and presents at conferences throughout the U.S. Her Circle of Life is a revelation of the power of circles, and has been implemented in hospitals, clinics, community centers, schools, churches, social agencies, universities, wellness programs, and even correctional facilities.

In health care Rebecca facilitated diagnostic groups including cancer, HIV/AIDS, chronic fatigue, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. She has facilitated numerous lifestyle coaching groups as well as supported hundreds of individuals in gaining better health, personal transformation, fulfillment and joy.

In addition to authoring the Circle of Life, Rebecca is contributing author to Wellness for Life: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Choosing and Sustaining a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle; Complementary Medicine in Clinical Practice; Optimal Digestion: New Strategies for Achieving Digestive Health; and Health on the Edge.

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Roger Jahnke Circle of Life InnovatorDr. Roger Jahnke

Dr. Roger Jahnke, the CEO of Health Action Synergies a leading innovator in wellness and productivity enhancing strategies since 1980. Health Action specializes in cost efficient, step by step systems for stress resiliency, work/life balance, health coaching and mind/body integration that utilize the dynamic power of groups and teams.

Dr. Jahnke has consulted for major institutions in the development of integrative health optimization programs. He has presented at most of the key health industry conferences and institutions, including the American Medical Association and the American Hospital Association.

Dr. Jahnke serves on the advisory council of the National Health, Wellness and Prevention Congress, a frequent presenter at the National Wellness Institute, and a principal investigator with the National Expert Meeting on Tai Chi and Qigong. In addition, Dr. Jahnke is the author of The Healer Within, which is used in health promotion, wellness and integrative medicine programs worldwide. Dr. Jahnke is also a contibuting author to numerous books including Wellness for Life: A Multidisciplinary Approach to Choosing and Sustaining a Happy and Healthy Lifestyle; Complementary Medicine in Clinical Practice; and Integrating Complementary Medicine into Health Systems.

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Trainer, Maya Shaw Gale, MA, CHT

A certified coach in both Circle of Life and Total Awareness Coaching Methods, Maya has a BA in Psychology and a Master’s degree in Holistic Health and Expressive Arts Therapy from Lesley College. She has taught workshops and trainings in body-centered psychotherapy, wellness coaching and body/mind healing practices across the US, Australia, and New Zealand since 1976.

Maya is currently a Trainer for the Circle of Life Coaching Institute, a Certified Practitioner and Trainer for the Hakomi Institute of Experiential Psychotherapy and has a private coaching practice in Santa Barbara, CA, in which she integrates a mindfulness and body-centered approach with the Circle of Life Process. For 8 years, Maya was on the adjunct faculty of Cambridge College in Boston, MA, where she trained educators and leaders in the use of presence, mindfulness and body/mind/spirit awareness practices as transformational tools.


Trainer Carrie PhelpsTrainer, Carrie Phelps, MA

For over 20 years Carrie Phelps has worked as a pioneer and advocate for mind-body-spirit health with a specialization in healthcare systems—where her primary focus is to create a transformative, holistic, and sustainable model of healthcare. She is a project consultant for YMCA of the USA and the Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for the YMCA of the Pikes Peak Region, Colorado. Carrie is also a faculty member of the Center for Mind-Body Medicine and a licensed HeartMath provider.
Along with her consulting, organizational improvement, and project management work, Carrie is a Certified Life and Wellness Coach and Coach trainer for the Circle of Life Coaching Institute and for Guiding Mindful Change. In addition, she is an accomplished speaker who shows the way to an evolutionary and balanced approach to healthcare.Her progressive approach to wellness, and her natural warmth and energy, allow her to easily communicate with medical professionals as well as laypersons. Carrie integrates science with her passion for a holistic studies and an unbridled commitment to the well-being of individuals, families, and communities.


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