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California Resources

ATS Transport
CA Car Shipping company
Hinz Docs
Offers life strategist coaching in Fairview Heights. Authors of "Learn to Balance Your Life: A practical guide to having it all."
Life Essentials
Life coaching and teleclasses that teach women to reduce stress, take excellent care of themselves, create balance, and live life according to their own.
Life in Motion Coaching
Tucson Arizona coach including Arizona life coach, Tucson Arizona personal trainer life coach, Tucson AZ personal business transition coach.
Personal Health Advisor
Assessment in your wellness will be made in all five of the wellness areas: health risks, physical activity, stress management, nutrition, and weight loss.


Health Resources

Breast Cancer Support Center
Holistic treatments to beat, treat and stop breast cancer.Breast cancer coaching. ... such as breathwork, holistic wellness coaching, emotional release
Health cures & remedies
Health remedies: alternative, ayurvedic, Chinese, Japanese, Egyptian,Amazonian, ancient, new & scientific..
Lysine Facts and beneficial information.
Health Resource Information.


Life Coaching

Coach Training Alliance
Delivers coaching and mentoring programs for life coaching, personal coaching, executive and business coaching.
Comprehensive Coaching Marketing System
No Risk Comprehensive Coaching Marketing System.
Feroce Coaching
Life and career coaching from Feroce Coaching. Reinvent yourself today with a professional, gentle butt-kicker and master strategist.
Find a Life Coach
You will be the Center of Attention of your life coach. Your life coach will be your equal partner who will concentrate on you to assist you to achieve your life and career improving goals.
Life coaching Studio
Life Coach - Life coaching studio meets your life coaching needs. Find a life coach or be a life coach., Life coach training.
My Life Coach
Find a great life coach, executive coach or career coach, or learn how to become a coach yourself, plus resources for creating the life of your dreams.
SparkPeople Coaching
SparkPeople Coaching is a proven process that helps our clients feel better, think better, look better, and achieve high impact personal, professional, and fitness goals.
Strategy Focused Developmental Coaching
A Structured Step by Step Business Coaching System that sells!
The Spencer Institute for Life Coaching
Learn how to become a life coach, professioanl coach, relationship coach, personal life coach, life coach certification and becoming a life coach.
Wellness Guru
Our exercises and coaching work are designed to change an individual’s mindset from a desire to shine on their own, to wanting to achieve goals as a successful team player.


Business Balls
Business and life coaching principles, life coaching and personal coaching guide plus other free business, training, and management information.
Business Sales Techniques and Professional Training.




Rebecca Mclean

Rebecca McLean

Certified Coach, National Director of Training and Originator of Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching.



Circle of Life Health and Wellness Coaching is a coaching application and specialty approved by the Institute of Life Coach Training.